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Our Aliexpress review finds out if it's legit. Take a look at these four tips to ensure you make a safe purchase. However, you should not do this on Wish. If the reviews on the item you want are mostly negative, you might want to reconsider your plan to purchase it. Wish ships from China. That means it could take a long time to get to your doorstep. Always keep track of your order. One of the biggest issues on Wish is incorrect product descriptions and images.

The small, medium, or large in your country might not correspond with the clothing sizes from Wish. Since most clothes from Wish come from China, the clothes are often in Asian sizes. Luckily, Wish shows a meter on clothing items that let you know whether it runs large or small.

While you might want to fill your cart with cheap electronics and jewelry that would typically cost hundreds of dollars, you should second-guess yourself every now and then. Just like Wish, other online retailers come with a host of possible scams as well.

Here are the most common eBay scams you need to know about, and how to avoid them. Read More , which can be applied to Wish as well. Explore more about: Online Security , Online Shopping. Your email address will not be published. I ordered a meatball maker from them. Buying from them is a big mistake. Customer Service said they will get back to me in a few days. WISH is a rip-off. Customer service is all automated so 48 emails and 6 phone calls to the Florida number I found online later I am no closer to getting my discount or refund.

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Maybe it has better customer service, IDK. Customer service is automated.

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Basically there is no customer service. Talking from experience.

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I had a faulty item returned and was given the refund but on having another faulty product after several successful purchased was refused and told I had overused return policy and basically rorting the return policy. I've bought around 20 items on Wish and have had a couple of fault or incorrect items and Wish have always been quick to refund me without the need of returning the goods.

My biggest gripe with Wish is that their search engine is hopeless and you have to look through all the items as there is no option for sorting the search list. I shopped for about 3 years at WISH only to get totally screwed on my biggest purchase. I was shocked at the lack of customer service as I never had any problems in the past. Dont give any details out.

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'Tis the Season to be Wary

Specific Dates All News. If you carry on with the call advise the caller that you do not wish to make an immediate decision. Ask them to send you the details by post so you can consider them at your leisure. Not to mention the early start pick up from Oura Praia was 6. But the chance to visit two other 'countries' while on our holidays in Portugal seemed too good to miss. We were collected from outside the hotel at the above-mentioned unGodly hour by the tour bus 'Bestday' and were still unsure what to expect. The coach was lovely and comfortable and air-conditioned and the journey which takes around five hours to Gibraltar including two min stops passed quite quickly with so many beautiful sights to see along the way.

You travel through the Algarve and into Spain, taking the motorway through Andalusia and having never visited Spain before i was delighted to see how beautiful it was. We stopped first in a service station and then in a lovely Spanish roadside hotel where they sold smoked meats and had hunks of bulls legs hanging from the ceiling.

Outside was a stall selling fresh fruit which we all tried. The white peaches were dripping with juice! I'd definately recommend the rock tour as a great way to see the main points of the rock in the short time you have. The driver is your guide and the views are spectacular. We stopped at several points to take pictures-and saw Africa! Then we stopped to see the apes who were so friendly and posed willingly for many pictures. It was hard to stop myself bringing one home! It's vat free so cigarettes and alcohol are VERY cheap. Try and bring some sterling though because we had only euros and while this is fine in most shops, if you stop for lunch, as we did, you will find the exchange rate to be VERY high!

There were loads of other things to see in Gibraltar but i think a couple of days would give you more time to explore. There is a lot of building work going on at the moment and many new apartments and marinas so i think in a year or two the city will be quite modern and cosmopolitan. It's such an unusual place to visit as it really is a very pretty Britain in the sun!

With monkeys! It takes about half an hour, but i must warn anyone doing this trip not to expect a pretty little place with flamenco dancing and tapas! This is an industrial port for crossings to Africa and the hotel was right in front of the main gate.

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It is somewhere to eat and put the head down for the night and not really part of the Spansh experience that we had hoped for which was a little disappointing, but with another early start the next day, we didn't really mind. We were given a buffet dinner and wine which we had not known was included in the price. After breakfast the following morning we managed a couple of glasses of rioja in the restaurant before an early night it was back on the bus at 7. We could have gone earlier, the guide asks everyone what time they prefere. Three more hours to Seville, again including a stop for coffee.

This time we journeyed through mountains and along the coast and again the views were terrific. Our guide, who was very good, explained lots about Spain and Seville as we travelled, and it makes the journey very interesting. Arriving in Seville we were shown some of the many wonderful sights by bus before making a stop at the government building and Spanish square to take a look around.

The building is quite stunning and we took lots of photos. Then back on the bus into the centre where the guide gave us maps and directions to some of the main sights and we had five hours to roam around. The heat was quite intense 40degrees! There are some great shops and the city is really beautiful, a mixture of old and modern, with lots of greenery to be seen. We stopped at a pavement cafe in the Santa Cruz area to eat paiella and tapas which were fab, then strolled on to see the cathedral. We walked up to the tower where you get wonderful views of the whole city. We also had the option of taking a boat trip on the river with our guide.

Seville is a really beautiful city, and again, i think it would be nice to go back for a few days and explore it all. The journey back to the Algarve took about 3 hours with another stop along the way. I think the trip is well worth doing, especially for anyone who has not visited Spain and enjoys a bit of a city break. You learn loads form the guide too and i have now found two more places that i can't wait to visit again.

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I'd recommend the trip for all ages though not children as the travelling is quite long , we were the youngest- in our late twenties -and there were all nationalities on board. It really changed two weeks in the sun into a memorable mini adventure. DO go! It's affordable, has lovely beaches, friendly people, great golf if you play or not, it is something to recommend the area , and the weather is usually pretty good.