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In , Friedrich Wohler carried out such an experiment.

He heated an aqueous solution of ammonium chloride and silver cyanate, both inorganic compounds and, to his surprise, obtained urea, an "organic" compound found in urine. Although this single experiment of Wohler's sufficed to disprove the "doctrine of vital force," it took several years and a number of additional experiments for the entire scientific community to accept the fact that organic compounds could be produced in the laboratory.

This discovery meant that the terms "organic" and "inorganic" no longer had their original meaning because, as Wohler demonstrated, organic compounds could be obtained from inorganic materials. A few years later, August Kekule put forth a new definition-organic compounds are those containing carbon-and his definition has been accepted ever since. A second reason for the study of carbon compounds as a separate discipline is the sheer number of organic compounds. Chemists have discovered or made more than 10 million of them, and an estimated 10, new ones are discovered or prepared in the laboratory each year.

By comparison, chemists have discovered or made an estimated 1. A third reason—and one particularly important for those of you who plan to study biochemistry—is that carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids DNA and RNA , hormones, vitamins, and almost all other important chemicals in living systems are organic compounds.

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Furthermore, their reactions are often strikingly similar to those observed occurring in test tubes. For this reason, knowledge of organic chemistry is essential for an understanding of biochemistry. Email to a Friend. A useful handbook covering what there is undeniably curable in diseases and how that curative properties of medicines are to be distinctly percieved and employed for curative purposes.


In the later part there is a biographical sketch of the founder of homeopathy Dr samual hahnemann that makes it a complete treatise. Homeopathy My Cart: 0. Want to Ship Outside India. Log In Sign up Cart. Login Login If you have an account with us, please log in. Search Search: Search. Shopping Cart You have no items in your shopping cart.

Be the first to review this product Email to a Friend. But I was not being guided enthusiastically on this subject.

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Vital Force Is Oxygen: Enlightening Research By Dr Amarsinha Nikam

My father was a homeopathic consultant. I had seen the tremendous recovery and results. Since my childhood I had developed full faith on this science as I had been born and brought up with homeopathy. It compelled me to become a follower of this wonderful science.

Organic compound

The keen interest for understanding the science kept me enthusiastic and my efforts helped me to perceive the concepts without any guidance. After completing my college curriculum I continued with my study and practice. This enhanced my knowledge and confidence in our pathy.

As I started practicing, I came up with good results and witnessed amazing recoveries of patients. This success was giving me happiness.

Intro to Bio-Electric Chemistry: Can You Regulate the Vital Force? – Part 2

This allowed other people to criticize me, call me a fluke and even a non—homeopathic method prescriber. This criticism made me aware of the truth and with acceptance I continued my journey. Roberts and Dr Stuart Close and many more. This brought me to a conclusion that Yes; our homeopathic philosophy has a solid scientific foundation! Today, nearly after three decades of my practice, I have established an 80 bedded homeopathic hospital which only works on a standard homeopathic prescription of 30 potency. Also, I have delivered many seminars through which I have put forth my classical and scientific way of homeopathic practice and understanding of homeopathic philosophy by different angles.

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For the first time, I introduced this concept of vital force in at Singapore. This also inspired me to write a book on this concept. To write a book was a very difficult task, I required a proper data to put forth my thoughts. My only aim is to establish Homeopathy as a firm science; so that no one can ever criticize or underestimate it. To fulfill this purpose erasing the wrong concepts and inculcate the basic scientific concepts on the mind of newly emerging generation of Homeopaths is a necessity. It will strengthen their faith and dedication to the pathy.

This will result in wide spread of the pathy from richest to the commonest and to all corners of this world.

This book is a humble attempt made by me for better understanding and development of our pathy. Pradhan Pagaro". Case Studies. Success Stories. About Us.

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Classical Homeopathy Training Institute. News and Update. Muro from spain Article on homeopathy by Dr. Amarsinha Nikam. Nikam 24th March,