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I giggled. Also laughed at the line "He was Billy Idol cool but with a heart of gold. Chef Birdie has been fun with her minimal screen time. She sees Jingles and is mostly unfazed by his presence. You like peanut butter and jelly, right? I never forget a sandwich order. Sidenote: That looked like the worst pb and jelly sandwich I've ever seen. Barely any peanut butter or jelly! I liked the Pulp Fiction scene with the adrenaline shot.

Chett lets them know about how their friend killed a guy in college and Cody's character's response is 'Wow, I thought gay porn was bad. Back when Margaret told her story about not making a sound when her ear was sliced off by the killer, I posted that I thought it sounded like bullshit so I was glad to get confirmation there.

I also didn't suspect that Montana would have a relationship with the night stalker. Leslie Grossman in that pigtail wig was hilarious.

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I thought they were going to pull some horrible prank on her but no. Just a couple of bitchy comments and she decided that everyone needed to die. Hopefully Jingles will be the one to send her to hell. Not sure what the rest of the season will be like but I like the idea of this being a movie within a show. Regarding the supernatural aspect--it isn't my favorite, but it does help loosely tie this season to seasons 1, 3, 5, and 8. If the characters who have died come back as ghosts, I'm guessing that the same ghost rules that were established in past seasons will be at play here.

Margaret being the real killer, I guess we should've seen it coming but it was nicely revealed and damn, poor Trevor.

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He did not deserve that. Then again, Xavier didn't deserve to be cooked and Bertie definitely didn't deserve to die either. I really liked her. I really hope Brooke gets better material as the show goes on. If Margaret is the real killer then why did the season start off with a flashback showing Mr. Jingles killing those teens?

It's not as if that was a character point of view, it was just presented as info for the audience. Unless Margaret is lying then the show itself is an unreliable narrator. Sure, there are lots of "fun" things about this season like the campy 80s styles and the slasher movie cliches but Geez, even Asylum and Hotel made more sense than this. I don't have any idea what's going on and I'm not one of those people who can watch a show that makes no damn sense and just 'enjoy the ride.

I had my fill of that during Lost, thank you very much. I really should be enjoying this season more than I am. Part of it might be Emma Roberts in the lead, who I always just find overall unlikeable - not in the sense of "what I great character I love to hate", but in the sense of "she is annoying, get her off my screen".

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That said, I am still curious about the likely twist. Jingles escaped from the hospital or did I dream that? Unless I missed a Very Special Investigation Discovery episode, Richard Ramirez was not murdered by a serial killer and then resurrected. You can't just invent a back story for a real-life figure. The entire season of Apocalypse was written around Queenie's death in Hotel, and she's a work of fiction! That's why I keep coming back to this all being some kind of fantasy, like the van license plate said in the first episode.

None of this is real. It can't be. Could they all be characters in a virtual reality game?

That's different enough from Roanoke to not be a recycling of the idea of a show within a show. It was a little confusing but enjoyable in the way AHS usually is. I did want to point out that the "pulp fiction style" adrenaline shot was good but did people in the 80s really know how to do that? Also - no one referred to peanut allergies as a thing in the 80s either so definitely wouldn't have been used to describe the shot. Maybe bee sting allergies? Or some other allergy but peanut allergies weren't widely known. You dreamed it. Think about this from Episode 1, this is the longest night in the history of the world.

It makes more sense tho for it to be one night honestly they would all be long gone if it was days instead of over a night. People still sending their kid s to a camp where the guy who allegedly committed murders 14 years ago and who has escaped from the loony bin? Say it ain't so! I think the Night Stalker is supposed to be possessed now that he's died and was resurrected.

Probably by Satan or Santa or something.

The History of Timer IC - Story of Invention

I may be wrong but isn't Birdie, guy who took off on the motorcycle, the real Rita and now Matthew Morrison's characters all dead? Seems like the only people coming back from the dead are Jingles, serial killer guy and the guy who clearly witnessed Margaret murdering the kids back in And my guess is these three are resurrected because they have unresolved issues in the living world - Jingles didn't really kill all those kids years ago and so has to make that right, serial killer guy is linked to Montana and her crazy that the others don't know about and the younger guy witnessed Margaret's murdering the kids but he is stuck in purgatory where he can't put the pieces together.

Well I think it's safe to say that Margaret is full on, lock her up and throw away the key batshit fucking crazy. So I wouldn't take her word for anything. I doubt there are any campers still coming there if there even ever was. I know Montana is clearly diabolical herself but as others had already speculated, I'm leaning towards Brooke having slept with the best man and lied about it. Doesn't mean that was deserving of psycho husband to be killing the best man, her father and himself.

But yeah, she totally slept with the best man and is lying about it because of her guilt over what happened at the wedding. If you spend an evening in watching it at once then it will feel in real time and more natural.