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Iain was born in Glasgow in , and before he became and author he was a journalist and actor.

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After penning some unsuccessful thrillers, he started writing romance fiction, and his publishers thought it best that he adopt a female name to increase sales. Under the pen name Emma Blair he became one of britains most popular authors, writing about 30 novels over 30 years.

Thirteen Tonne Theory: Life inside Hunters and Collectors

His true identity remained a secret until , when his novel The Flower of Scotland was nominated for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award. Jessie Gray.

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A Camp-fire Yarn: Complete Works A Camp-fire Yarn 2: Complete Works A Campfire Yarn 4: Complete Works Feng Shui is about changing your environment to your advantage and, by learning techniques, you can enhance your life. Edgar will help to provide insights into understanding your personality, potential, wealth, health, career path, relationship and luck cycles. In the book, Seymour goes to great lengths to explain why he now disagrees with the band's policy to divide copyright among all band members, even though he wrote or co-wrote all the band's major hits.

Mark Seymour on going it alone, why he's getting more political and writing a novel

Not because he would like the extra income, but because it would mean that he had creative control over what is done with those songs; for example, their use in TV commercials. He says he still finds it hard to accept that his own vanity, a craving to remain in such a hot live band, overrode his "better judgement" to demand a fairer share of copyright — to rock the boat may have led him to be voted out by bandmates.

Seymour says that musically, "on our best nights we were up there with the best bands in the world," even U2. But they didn't get near U2's global heights of popularity, and it grates.

I mean, I put everything into it. All of me. I walked away from relationships … in order for that band to be globally successful.

One Guy, 43 Voices (with music) - Roomie

And that didn't happen. The band didn't reach the levels of success that I dreamed it would. But you tell me one band that ever retires believing they couldn't have been more successful.

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Seymour hopes the book changes perceptions of what the band did. And there was just a whole lot more that went into it than that. There was a whole community of individuals who co-operated for a very long period of time to try and achieve something, and the book touches on all that fairly personally and emotionally.