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God took pieces of everything wonderful to make moms.

Heart-Songs and Other Poems by Hal Milford Perkins - abobdmilarra.ga

God took the fragrance of a flower, the majesty of a tree, the gentleness of morning dew, the calm of a quiet sea, the beauty of the twilight hour, the soul of a starry night, the laughter of a rippling brook and the grace of a bird in flight. Then God fashioned from these things, a creation like no other.

And when his masterpiece was through, he called it simply, Mother-Herbert Farnham. I know how often I took you for granted when I was growing up.

Lyric Poetry

But I never really thought about what that meant, till I got older and began to realize how often your time and energy were devoted to me. Choose for yourself and surprise your mother on her special day. Children are forever indebted to their mothers for making their life a blessing. These songs and poems are sure to make your mother tear up in joy.

Broken In Pain

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It is here where the human condition of thought and emotion finds its full expression — and where all questions of interpretation begin. The May Fourth Movement of anti-imperialist cultural and political protests sparked by students tried to build a new national literary heritage on the ruins of an empire that after two millennia had finally collapsed.

Now, the Airs became something new altogether: folk songs whose charming simplicity and repetitive diction seemed to have sprung directly from the hearts of the common people. Like no other text from Chinese antiquity, the Songs were cherished, and hence survived, in two parallel traditions. The very first and most famous Air of all, Fishhawks Guanju , is known as a happy marriage song.


Yet was it ever that? Already Zhu Xi had advocated a return to the words of the songs themselves, in a veritable act of literary excavation after Han and later commentators had buried them under layers upon layers of learned commentary; and there is evidence that the poets — as opposed to the scholars — of imperial China always knew how to appreciate the Airs at face value, invoking their lively imagery taken from nature together with their expressions of desire, love, and pain. Like no other text from Chinese antiquity, the Songs were cherished, and hence survived, in two parallel traditions: one of learned commentary and the imperial examination system, the other of poetic memory and allusion.

20 Heart Melting Mother’s Day Poems and Songs

Remarkably, no ancient source ever shows us the Airs as innocent folk poetry. In that tradition, each line could have multiple meanings. Its poetry, as opposed to the Western tradition, was largely anonymous and apparently simple. Yet beneath the surface, the poems are multi-layered. To this day, the Songs — and especially the Airs — are speaking in multiple voices.

In delightful ambiguity, they have survived every attempt to be reduced, and hence diminished, to a single message or meaning. It was always about something else: how can you make them mean something new? A poll of writers and critics, Stories that Shaped the World , was announced in May. Culture Menu.