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Baron Haussmann, the famous architect of modern Paris, has been an enigma for historians for more than a century.


But in Michel Carmona, the baron has found a biographer worthy of his fascinating and influential life. Haussmann is not, however, a book only about the controversial prefect of the Seine: Mr.

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Carmona has effectively set his life against the background of nineteenth-century European society. Exhaustively researched and written with remarkable balance, the book is as much a social and political history as it is a biography. We see Haussmann s early years and his entry into civic life as an administrator; the problems of urban existence faced by the city of Paris; Haussmann s reign as the designated chief of Napoleon III s grand scheme for the renewal of the French capital; and the so-called Haussmannization of Paris.

Some observers today still see Haussmann s grands travaux as the criminal work of a modern Nero a man intent on destroying old Paris and willing to cook the books and throw poor people out of their homes in order to achieve his ends. Others see him as a clairvoyant creator of the modern, hygienic, and organized city, who created a style that would become a model for urban transformation. Carmona has examined the record and has written a superb biography that will be of special interest to architects, urban planners, and anyone interested in the life of great cities.

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With 12 pages of black-and-white illustrations. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit.

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Skickas inom vardagar. Tamar's instrument of seduction in the Hebrew Bible, Penelope's shroud in Homer's Odyssey, accessory of brides as well as widows, and hallmark of the religious and the wealthy, the veil has historically been an intriguing signifier. Initially donned in France for liturgical purposes and later for masked balls and as a sun- and windscreen at the seashore, face-covering veils were adopted for fashionable urban use during the reign of Napoleon III.

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  5. In Sheer Presence, Marni Reva Kessler demonstrates how this ubiquitous garment and its visual representations knot together many of the precepts of Parisian life. Considering the period from the beginning of Napoleon III's rule in to , when the Paris Universal Exhibition displayed veiled North African Muslims and other indigenous colonial peoples, Kessler deftly connects the increased presence of the veil on the streets and on canvas to Haussmann's massive renovation of Paris.

    The fashion of veil wearing, she argues, was imbricated with broader concerns: fears of dust and disease fueled by Haussmannization and class mixing on the city streets, changes in ideals of youth and beauty, attempts to increase popular support for imperialism, and the development of modernist art practices.

    A veil was protection for the proper woman from the vices associated with the modern city, preserving-at least on the surface-her femininity and class superiority.