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Will she allow God to be the One in whom she trusts? She knows no man will ever want to marry her and she has accepted that. She is too tall and gangly with red hair. Men want small, dainty and blond women, right? What can Daniel possibly see in her? He must just be pretending to like her in order to get her to fall for him so he can marry her and get control of the ranch. Ranching is all Margaret has ever known and all she wants to do. She can outwork any man, and she has the knowledge to run the ranch all on her own.

She needs no man to tell her what to do. Her father decides differently and that it is time for her to marry and give up ranching. Her father also changes his will, leaving the ranch to her cousin. When everyone finds out, Margaret feels wounded beyond belief.

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Someone else is angry too because her father is attacked, then the barn is burned down and her cousin goes missing. What is going on? Who is responsible for these crimes?

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Can Daniel show her she is loveable to God and to him? Will she believe him?

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This is a wonderful story of coming to grips with a faith that must be put into action when the rubber meets the road. My rating is 5 stars. Note: I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book. The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. Feb 19, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-books.

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I'm a sucker for Western historical fiction, there's no doubt about it. I love romances with cowboys -- always have! Coble's writing is engaging and easy to read, and in addition to the love story, there is a bit of mystery to this novel, as well. I will admit this is one of those rare I'm a sucker for Western historical fiction, there's no doubt about it. I will admit this is one of those rare instances that I wish I still gave ratings in half-star increments. I probably would actually give this 3. I liked the feeling of satisfaction and contentment that I by the time I finished the book, but the romance was perhaps just a teeny bit too formulaic -- the handsome cowboy falls in love with a plain Jane who just can't understand why he would.

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  7. I don't mind that storyline, but it is often hard to make it feel fresh with so many stories out there along those lines. And then you've got the action-packed last third of the book Multiple incredible events occur so rapidly in such a short span of time, it is really just a bit too unbelievable -- exciting, but perhaps a little ridiculous, as well. With all Christian fiction, my basic requirement is that I don't want to be preached to.

    I suppose you could say, well, after all it is Christian fiction so what do you expect? Nevertheless, it is possible to write an inspiring story without preaching. Thankfully, it seems fewer authors choose to preach and instead focus more on actual story-telling, but with definite Christian overtones and themes. Coble falls into the non-preachy category, so on that basis alone it was likely I would enjoy this book!

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    Read this book if you like Feb 25, Britney Wolfe rated it liked it. As an only child growing up without her mother, Margaret dedicates herself to work on the ranch. Margaret struggles with feeling self-conscious of her red hair and being tall. Her father explains that he wants Margaret to get married and have children. The job at the ranch is just a cover as he infiltrates a gang of outlaws in the area, in order to try and persuade his brother to leave a life of crime.

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    When Margaret overhears a mysterious conversation, she is led to believe that Daniel is an outlaw. Daniel wants to tell her the truth but cannot risk his plan being revealed. Together both learn a valuable lesson of resting in His arms. This book was wonderful to read. I found Margaret's character change intriguing.

    The story focuses on Margaret learning about her beauty and security in Christ. She has never seen herself as beautiful and does not try to acknowledge her femininity at all until her father demands she do so. A young lady who feels more comfortable in men's clothing, Margaret feels self-conscious of her looks. She also struggles with feeling inadequate as an independent woman, when her father insists that she marry and leave the ranch to which she has been essential to it's upkeep.

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    I most liked how even though changes in Margaret's personality could be seen when feelings began to grow between her and Daniel, the complete change did not take place until she found her security in Christ. Only then did she accept the love that Daniel offered her. It is a common occurrence today that young girls try to find love and acceptance in humanly, worldly outlets which more often than not leads to more heartache. Safe in His Arms effectively conveys finding acceptance, purpose and love in God instead of in worldly wiles that pale in comparison.

    Jan 19, Vera Godley rated it it was amazing. Margaret's mother died when Margaret was young and she has not had much female inflluence in her life. Her life has been that of the rough riding ranch hand - but she is the daughter of the owner of the ranch. She has worked hard to help her father keep the ranch going and building it to enviable status. Now dad hires a new foreman, Daniel Cutler and Margaret sees him as an intrusive, soft, non-rancher who possibly has a criminal background.

    The story has twists and turns around future ownership of the ranch when Dad decides he is going to leave the ranch to a male cousin and settle money on Margaret when she marries. His goal is to see her settled in the role of wife and mother.

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    Margaret is headstrong as well as body-strong and she is hurt, befuddled, and very ill at ease with the situation. Then things really begin to happen and danger lurks. Author Colleen Coble has written an interesting historical story of the peoples and life on a Texas ranch in the s bringing her characters to life and capturing our interest.

    Yes, I figured that the romance would happen and predicted its outcome. I did not, however, see the outcome of the danger and intrigue portions. You'll find this an interesting read. Just enter via the Rafflecopter. This giveaway only open to USA addresses.

    Begins Jan. Opinions expressed are solely mine and I was under no obligation to render a positive review.