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Even if the competing theory of popular sovereignty—the theory that vested sovereignty in the people of the United States—was accepted, it still might be argued that this sovereignty need not be exercised on behalf of the people solely by the national government but could be divided on a functional basis between the federal and state authorities.

Another assault from within on the doctrine of state sovereignty was made in the 20th century by those political scientists e. Laski who developed the theory of pluralistic sovereignty pluralism exercised by various political, economic, social, and religious groups that dominate the government of each state.

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According to this doctrine, sovereignty in each society does not reside in any particular place but shifts constantly from one group or alliance of groups to another. The pluralistic theory further contended that the state is but one of many examples of social solidarity and possesses no special authority in comparison to other components of society. Article Media. Info Print Print.

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The interaction of concentrated corporate power and politics is a threat to the functioning of the free market economy and to democracy. In , 10 companies appeared on a list of the 30 largest corporate and government entities in the world based on revenue.

Political Theory and the Modern State

All 10 companies had annual revenue higher than that of the governments of Switzerland, Norway, and Russia, and 69 of the largest corporate and government entities ranked by revenue were corporations. The size of many corporations exceeds that of modern states, threatening to transform small and midsize countries into modern versions of banana republics and even posing economic and political risks for large high-income countries.

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The term banana republic denotes a politically unstable country whose economy is dependent on the export of a limited-resource product e. Typically, a banana republic has stratified social classes—a large, poor working class and a ruling-class plutocracy comprising the business, political, and military elites.

A banana republic has an economy of state capitalism, in which the country is operated as a private commercial enterprise for the exclusive benefit of the ruling class. Such exploitation is effected by collusion between the state and the favored economic monopolies and can lead to the uneven economic development of the country.

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