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It has a lot of lessons and comes at the topic from a variety of directions. That includes games, pronunciation courses, offline support, and support for both simplified and traditional Chinese. It uses simple, small lessons. That helps make a difficult language slightly easier to learn. There is more than enough free content for beginners. It should also let you see if you like it enough to pay for it every month.

HelloTalk is a unique, progressive app for Chinese learners. Instead, it pairs people together to teach one another. You teach your language to another person and they teach you theirs. It boasts over languages. The app also offers audio and video calls, text messaging, picture messaging, and more.

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This with something like Memrise or Drops makes for a good one-two combination. LingoDeer is a very competent app for learning Chinese. The app utilizes bite-size courses for quick learning.

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It builds a vocabulary and fills it in as you go. Some other features include offline support, 2, words and phrases, and over lessons. The app is entirely free unless we missed something. There is an option to donate to the developers, though, if you want to show your appreciation.

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  • Memrise is one of the most popular language learning apps on mobile. It supports a variety of languages and, of course, Chinese is one of them. Memrise takes a broad approach to language learning. There are vocabulary and grammar lessons, games, quizzes, a chat bot for conversational Chinese practice, a pronunciation guide with audio examples, and a lot more.

    10 best Mandarin Chinese learning apps for Android!

    All these features do come at a price. That said, Memrise is definitely for those serious about learning Chinese and easily one of the best Mandarin Chinese learning apps. Mondly is another large language learning company. They support dozens of languages, including Chinese.

    Most languages have their own apps as well. Mondly apps include the usual array of lessons for both vocabulary and grammar. It uses a conversational approach. You basically learn how to talk in Chinese first. You then learn all of the extra words and phrases. Rosetta Stone is a huge name in language learning. Their commercials reach back decades. You learn to talk in the language and then expand with additional vocabulary and grammar.

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    It also includes offline support, additional study aids, and more. Simply Learn Chinese Mandarin is a simple app, obviously. It works better as a phrasebook than a language learning app.

    Drops: Learn Mandarin Chinese

    It features over common Chinese words and phrases. You get of those in the free version. The app also features quizzes, training sessions, and more. However, it can be a decent and valuable extension of whatever apps you already use. We definitely recommend this for quick, secondary learning. Tandem is a lot like HelloTalk. While following and jumping on the footprints, the Chinese characters were a great reminder for my daughter to learn left versus right! Related: Human Body Activities in Chinese.

    Learn Chinese for kids

    I incorporated the following verbs:. For toddlers, jumping on shapes is a low-prep activity that I did with my daughter a few years ago! Generally, we learn each language separately, but this was a good opportunity to mix and review shapes in English and Chinese. Children who are ready to write can practice tracing Chinese characters with water and a brush. Make sure to first write each Chinese word in black chalk so that each stroke is clearly visible!

    These nature treasures are perfect for tracing Chinese characters! Related: Chinese pre-writing fine motor activities! Drawing with sidewalk chalk is another child-led activity that my daughter loves.

    After seeing pictures of Chinese etymology, my daughter has been interested in drawing these pictographs! As you can see, colored chalk can be hard to see. On light concrete, black sidewalk chalk is preferred for Chinese characters to stand out! On the other hand, if you have dark pavement, white chalk will provide great contrast!

    Last but not least is good old tracing and writing with sidewalk chalk! I credit chalk for motivating my daughter to learn to write. Thick chalk is easy for preschool hands to hold and control. In addition, the friction against the pavement gives feedback and reinforces muscle memory. Now that my daughter can write on her own, we make a game of setting the timer and seeing who can write the most number of words! If your family tries Chinese sidewalk chalk activities, please let us know!

    We love seeing how other families have fun learning at home!