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Then they left her and her car keys in good hands. Two weeks later, after she'd recovered from a severe case of food poisoning, Ms. Clarke visited the Manhattan Borough Office to thank Parks. She wrote to Mr. Johnson, "I just had to return to say 'Thank you' for tending to me when I was so very ill Had it not been for your assistance, kindness, and dedication I might not have returned to my family Johnson who is new to the job, "He's pulling his weight, and doing the job.

He's eager to learn, and he does the right thing.

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Clinton, a second generation Parkie of more than a decade, he said, "If people have problems, they come to him. He's not just a boss. He's always looking to help somebody. On the morning of Wednesday, June 20, one could hear the strains of fife and drum music coming from behind the Old Stone House Historic Interpretive Center.

Curious passers-by saw forty fourth-graders from P. The festivities were a precursor to the Historic House Trust press announcement that it will distribute a free copy of their recently published Children's Guide to Historic Houses in New York City Parks to every fourth-grade teacher and every elementary school library in the city.

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Speaking at the ceremony were Commissioner Henry J. Special thanks go to the Brooklyn Special Events staff for all their help and hard work in setting up and breaking down the event. During a relaxed, sunny tea party late Tuesday, more than one hundred fifty Washington Heights residents and Parks officials gathered in Fort Tryon Park to celebrate the reopening of one of the horticultural delights of the city: the colorful Heather Garden.


And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes. More events.

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Was this information helpful? Optional Please tell us how we can make this page more helpful. If you need a response,please use the Contact the Commissioner form instead. NYC Parks. In much the same way that the Beatles fans did when they came to America for the first time in February of They are devoted.

However, Michael J.

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He has a foundation, too. With the love of his wife Cherryl and motivation from his children, Jimmy turned nearly a decade of apathy and weight gain to abandoning his cane after getting active again. It took a scary fall down a flight of stairs with his son Mason in his arms to redirect his life. He started walking and moved to running, then running for distance. Eventually, he was inspired to competitively run. Choi is a humble spokesman for us. In his presentation, Choi puts it all on the line. As people saw him, he would shake their hand. They talked to him like he was a family member at a holiday.

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He could be our brother, son-in-law, or college buddy. He made corny jokes, and we laughed. For his televised success, people see Choi as an outlier for what he can do. For instance, he can do incredibly athletic mid-air jumps where he grabs moving objects. However, this rock star has trouble buttoning his clothes.

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Being athletic just gives him the opportunity to make a difference. He knows that they still can, but the battle is in the mind. This is something he knows a little about since his daughter Karina also a Ninja Warrior had to motivate him to sign up in the first place! He wrote an application and the rest is history.

His first competition, he went out on a mistake.