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There are two alternative socket locations on the side of the tablet. This allows you to have full control of the pen pressure as you pivot your hand. This also gives you full control of the pen tip when you are holding it just above the tablet surface, allowing you to navigate anywhere on the screen without accidentally clicking or dragging. If you find your hand has too much resistance on the tablet surface due to sweat then try wearing a thin cotton photo glove with the fingers cut off.

Take the opportunity to breathe and gently stretch be careful, always move gently and within your comfort zone. Besides the physical benefits, such mini-breaks help you get distance from your art and see things with a fresh perspective. Drink plenty of water. Elevating your laptop helps keep it cool, protects it from spills, places the screen at a more comfortable height and also opens up more space on your physical desktop.

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I use the Griffin elevator, which is suitable for Mac and PC laptops and is easily portable. This will allow you to conveniently program Painter-specific Wacom settings. You can leave the Painter welcome screen up if you wish.

On a PC click the minimize application icon in the top right corner. You will be returning to Painter later. By double clicking on your pen icon names you can rename them so they are easily identifiable. This is useful if you have different pens assigned to different users. Click OK. You will know when an icon is selected since the selected icon and its title will be highlighted. The disabled front function is to avoid accidentally choosing a command while painting.

Please note that these, and all other settings I share here, are simply my own personal preferences and should be treated only as a guide to try out. By setting the pen up with the Corel Painter 11 application selected you can have different TwoFunction button settings for when you are working outside of Painter.

Mapping Click on the Mapping tab.

Painter 11 Creativity: Digital Artist's Handbook

First ensure the Orientation setting matches what you need. If you are right-handed and require a horizontal orientation then the default ExpressKeys Left should be fine. The ExpressKeys Top and Bottom are for those who wish to work with their tablet vertically. This will ensure you have access to the entire screen from your tablet. If you have multiple monitors I recommend you choose one display in this setting and then set one of your ExpressKeys to Display Toggle, which alternates which display the tablet maps to, thus giving you full tablet mapping for each display.

Change Tablet Area from Full to Portion. Drag the corners in from the edges at least a little. Do whatever is comfortable. You can always change this setting anytime. Click OK when you have done this. ExpressKeys Click on the Functions icon in the Tools panel it is positioned on the left of the panel. The ExpressKey settings I use in Painter are summarized below. There are eight ExpressKeys in total, four above the TouchRing and four below.

In this summary I identify the ExpressKeys with numbers 1 through 8, 1 being the top ExpressKey and 8 being the bottom key. When programming the Keystroke function, to clear an erroneous command you need to press the Clear button in the lower left of the Keystroke programming window. Under the Keystrokes window, after setting the shortcut, you will be asked to name the ExpressKey shortcut. I suggest you use the same names as I have. The names you choose will then appear as a reminder on the LED display next to the corresponding ExpressKey.

If you choose not to use Radial Menus you could use this ExpressKey for another function. I have not used all the possible functions available.

Tools don't make an artist... but they definitely help!

For instance, I do not use the Precision Mode, which slows your cursor movement—a feature designed for those using a small tablet active area. TouchRing Click on the TouchRing tab. The TouchRing can be programmed to have up to four different functions which you toggle between by clicking on the round button in the center of the TouchRing.

Make sure the Corel Painter 11 application is still selected in the Application panel since we are going to program a TouchRing setting just for use in Painter. You do not need to program these menus with my settings in order to paint in Painter. If you are a beginner I recommend you omit this section and skip ahead to the next section Installing Extra Brushes. You will initially see the default settings for the Top Radial Menu. For Painter I have completely customized the Radial Menus. When you click on each segment it will become highlighted and you will be able to program and rename that particular segment.

The programming is achieved through a drop down Function menu on the right. Almost every shortcut I have programmed uses the Keystroke function where, as with the ExpressKeys Keystroke programming, I program a keyboard shortcut and name the shortcut that name will appear on the Radial Menu you see on your screen.

The submenus lead to nested Radial Menus.

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To program the shortcuts for the Radial Menus I had to go into Corel Painter 11 and customize some of the keyboard shortcuts within the program. The Customize Keys custom shortcut settings are somewhat arbitrary and I have chosen them to avoid conflicts with existing default shortcuts. If you are a 13 Figure 1. Even if you have my workspace installed in Painter you would still need to manually program the Radial Menu settings in the Wacom control panel.

As of the time of writing this book there is no way I am aware of how to automatically share Wacom settings in the same way that workspaces allow you to share custom settings in Painter. Here are my Radial Menu settings, with segment 1 being the top-most segment, and then working around clockwise for segments 2, 3, 4, and so on.

Menus for Application Menus, Plt. Menus for Palette Menus, etc. The labels have been abbreviated to fit into the small amount of space available on each segment. Menus: Brush Plt.

Melvil Decimal System: 776

Menu: Layers Install Extra Brushes When you first install Corel Painter 11 the program already includes over wonderful and diverse brushes which you will see summarized in the next chapter. In that case why bother to install even more brushes? You can certainly create beautiful paintings with just the default brushes.

The answer lies in the power of expanding your range of creative possibilities. With or without extra brushes, the large number of brushes can be overwhelming. When you understand this hierarchy then installing extra brushes is easy. You have to be aware of whether you are installing a brush library or a brush category which comprises a folder accompanied by a 30 pixel by 30 pixel icon jpg of the same name or individual variant files.

You then copy the items into the right location in the hierarchy of folders. Brush categories will be copied into the Painter Brushes library folder not into the Brushes folder—a common mistake. To install the JeremyFaves2 brush category follow these instructions.

You will now see a JeremyFaves2 folder and JeremyFaves2.

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You will see a long list of category folders and their icons Acrylics, Airbrushes, etc. Drag the JeremyFaves2 folder and JeremyFaves2. Select both the JeremyFaves2 folder and JeremyFaves2. To make sure your brush installation has been successful, open Painter.

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If it is already open then click on the small solid black triangle in the upper right corner of the Brush Selector palette. Choose Load Brush Library. Choose Load. This applies to Mac or PC.

Process of Digital painting

If Painter is not open then just open Painter to check if the new brush category is visible in the Brush Selector. Brushes are the most position-critical items you will have to install. If they are copied into the wrong level of the hierarchy, or if you do not take them out of the Extra Brush Category folder, they will not work. The two most common mistakes are copying them into the Brushes folder, which is the location for brush libraries, not categories, or leaving them in the Extra Brush Category folder they are contained in on the Resource Disc.

In either of these cases the brushes will not work. If you run into problems, please reread the instructions above very carefully. Please also look carefully at the accompanying figures showing you what you should see in your Painter Brushes folder. If you already have the JeremyFaves2 category from earlier versions of this book then you do not need to install it again. Follow the same procedures for installing any of these other brush categories. However, as with brushes, there is power in expanding the diversity of mark-making capabilities you have at your fingertips.

For this reason I recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to install the extra art materials provided in the Resource Disc that comes with this book.