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If you love saving money, it is very likely you enjoy a productive trip to a car boot sale. There are plenty of equestrian car boot sales held throughout the year where you can find a variety of horse care items for half the price!

92 Painless Ways to Save Money

Alternatively, you could take the time to clear out all your unwanted equestrian supplies and sell them on. One of the most cost-effective methods for saving money if you own a horse is to bulk buy feed, bedding, hay and other liveries. Bulk buying is a great money saver and, generally, you will get free delivery. If you have a space where you can store your bulk buys, I would highly recommend bulk buying any of the horse care supplies you need. Bulk buying is how to save money as a horse owner and it will be a great help!

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There are various methods you can use to save money each year while owning a horse. Much of it depends on your circumstances, the needs of your horse, and the type of yard you have. However, my main suggestions would be to make a sheet detailing your yearly costs.


This may be a bit scary, as seeing all your costs on a spreadsheet may come as a bit of a shock. If you would like to know more about money saving tips for the stable, our friendly staff at Prime Stables are here for you. Why not give us a call today? By making time- and labour-saving changes such as this, Dolan has cut back from three full-time workers to one full- and two part-time.

You can also save on electricity by using partial lighting in the barn and riding areas whenever possible.

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Bag your own shavings at sawmills or have them delivered in bulk. Quantity discounts are often given when buying bagged bedding in bulk; join forces with neighboring farms to increase the size of shipments and bring the price down. Line stall floors with rubber mats to use less bedding. But for many horse owners, it might actually be a case of less is more. A well-managed pasture can keep most horses in Canada fed for up to nine months of the year. But, when pasture is less than ideal, or during the non-growing season, horses in light to moderate work can often get by on quality hay alone.

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  8. It is critical that the hay be tested for nutritional value. Most dealers will give you a discount if you take hay right from the field after cutting. Plus horses have a tendency to use the loose bits to poop and sleep on. Round-bale feeders or slow-feed nets can be worth the initial outlay to prevent wastage. In fact, figures he saves 20 per cent on his hay bills just by using haynets.

    Buying the boat is just the beginning of the financial burden…

    Band together with others to buy feed in bulk by the pallet or, as Dolan suggests to his boarders, by totes — to 1,kilogram bags. Instead of buying a bag from the feed store, they shovel it from the tote into a garbage bin. A quality feeding program should supply most horses with all the vitamins and minerals they need. Cutting corners on health can often be a false economy.

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    Know what is normal for your horse i. Read more.

    Top tips to save you money on your horse bills

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