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Purification and Characterization of Proteins. Crystallography and X-Ray Diffraction. Optical Spectroscopy. Methods to Follow Protein Folding. Mass Spectrometry. Chemical Synthesis of Peptides and Proteins. Protein Engineering and Gene Silencing. Protein—Ligand Interactions. Sequence Analysis and Function Prediction. Protein Structure Prediction. Nucleic Acid—Binding Proteins. Cell Surface Receptors and Signaling. Membrane Proteins. Fibrous Proteins. Selected Classes of Bioactive Peptides. Misfolding-Based Diseases.

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Miscleavage-Based Diseases. Missequence-Based Diseases. Peptides and Proteins as Drugs.

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Summary Human cells produce at least 30, different proteins. The first sections of the book delve into — Basic peptide and protein science from assembly through degradation Traditional and emerging research methods including those used in bioinformatics and proteomics New computational approaches and algorithms used to find patterns in the vast data collected by sequencing projects After providing a foundation in tools and methods, the authors closely examine six protein families, including representative classes such as enzymes, cell-surface receptors, antibodies, fibrous proteins, and bioactive peptide classes.

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Introduction to Peptides and Proteins

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Rohan Kolla 4. Rohan Kolla 5. Rohan Kolla 6. Disulphide bonds in insulin structure. Rohan Kolla 7. Rohan Kolla 8. Rohan Kolla 9. Peptide and protein molecules Small molecule mediators Dr. Rohan Kolla Hormones from non-neural sources: The a Plasma-derived peptides, notably angiotensin peripherally distinction between neuropeptides and and bradykinin, acting hormones is useful but not absolute.

Growth factors: produced by many different hormones that are formed, released and act in the cells periphery.