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Even if being attacked lol. Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments. Rogue View Profile View Posts. Normally people are wanting their thralls to move and attack as at the moment they can be pretty buggy and just stand there!!

A Novel Method of Monitoring Total Normal Irradiance with a Stationary Sensor | SpringerLink

Unfortunately there is no way to do that unless there is a mod I don't know about - but even if so it doesn't appear to be on your server , annoyingly as well if they do go and attack something they return to their spot facing the way they walked back, they do not face the way you placed them which means for me at least they end up facing a wall most of the time! Funcom are looking into thrall behaviour because as I said above it is buggy at the moment but as far as I am aware they are looking into the fact that thralls don't always attack.

Basically, I have a 45 thrall army in single file row.

But if any random player walks by, they all get up in the players face and break formation. If they even got back in single file line I'd be happy.

What Michael taught the Panhandle and Tampa Bay

I can maybe deal with them not facing the right direction but it's still a pain. Thankfully my server isn't very populated yet.

What is Ludwig?

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Tropical Storm Karen to begin shifting west this weekend. Forecasters expect the system to degenerate into a tropical depression by Saturday. Karen is expected to resume moving west this weekend.

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  5. Tropical Storm Karen plots a new course. Some areas could see eight inches of rainfall. The two Bahamas: One still devastated, the other again welcoming tourists.

    Cruise lines have started lining up Caribbean itineraries from Florida and beyond. Tropical Storm Lorenzo forms in the Atlantic.

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    Forecasters expect the rapidly developing system to become a hurricane by Wednesday. A tropical storm warning is currently in effect for the eastern Caribbean.

    Karen is expected to get to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Hurricane Jerry expected to turn north on Saturday. The system is expected to produce heavy rainfall and flash floods in the eastern Caribbean. Jerry upgraded to a hurricane; still expected to stay away from Florida.