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FW I, The enemy does not lose time and uses the black fire which, of course, is so easily ignited and fanned whenever the magnet of irritability is evident. The black fire is nothing else but irritability, so beloved by the dark ones. LHR I, The mechanical methods so broadly recommended for the development of psychic energy cannot give the higher quality of this energy; they only develop the black fire, which leads to disastrous results.

Blasphemy results in the rending of the protective net and eventual sickness.

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Our Communions are not merely for information, but are to be accepted with the heart. Soon you will finish the first part of the writings about the Fiery World. They should not be given only to the curious, for this may give birth to blasphemy. The meaning of blasphemy must be understood and full attention paid to it.

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Blasphemy not only repels Light; it inherently carries an actual infection. The blasphemer is not quite the same after his utterances, for he has rent a part of his protective net. One may then expect various sicknesses, for the protective net is not only a spiritual protection but also a physical one. Therefore blasphemous utterances should be forbidden, even in childhood. It is deplorable that people have lost the sense of responsibility to the extent of forgetting the significance of words. At the Fiery Gates. September 8, , founded The Theosophical Society, together with Col.

Olcott, William Q. Judge, and others.

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Published her first great work, Isis Unveiled, Fall of Became American citizen, July 8, Published The Secret Doctrine late Fall, Founded the Esoteric School the same year, and wrote her Instructions. She died in the midst of arduous labors, May, 8, SD jacket cover Bliss The state of the highest tension of energies. It is analogous with what is called Nirvana, and with Divine Nearness.

The Heart might be termed the Organ of Bliss since it acts as a Magnet and draws its essence into itself. Bliss, Nirvana, Divine Nearness and all analogous terms for the higher state are usually understood in an earthly sense. Thus, Bliss is always understood as an ecstatic oblivion and the rapture of some kind of indolent rest; but oblivion may be understood only as the erasure of all earthly means and examples.

Truly, why such limited earthly ways, when one can already act through the higher energies? Is it possible to identify Divine Nearness with indolence and immersion in oblivion? Such a correlation is contrary to the very meaning of approach to the Highest Principle. This conjoining with the Highest, this transformation through the higher energies, primarily impels one to an increased tension of all forces. Even in extreme tension a man must not lose hold of himself. But amidst the contacts with fiery radiances, the seed of the spirit will be kindled the more, and its striving toward thoughtcreativeness, unrestrainable.

One may wonder why people try to limit and disparage the significance of the Fiery World. They wish to clothe it in earthly limitations and also stipulate that the inhabitants of other worlds must exist in earthly bodies and dwell in earthly conditions. Only an undeveloped imagination can limit the Universe to such a degree. Therefore I so greatly emphasize the development of imagination as the basis of striving toward the Higher Worlds.

FW I, Forgotten and eliminated from daily life is the moral perfectment and refining of our senses, so essential for the perception of Bliss, which is sent to us from Above. If humanity would only refrain from devouring dead bodies, then evolution could be accelerated.

Meat lovers have tried to remove the blood, but they have not been able to obtain the desired results. Meat, even with the blood removed cannot be fully freed. The suns rays to a certain extent remove these emanations, but their dispersion into space also causes no small harm.

Try to carry out a psychic energy experiment near a slaughterhouse and you will receive signs of acute madness, not to mention the entities which attach themselves to the exposed blood. Not without foundation has blood been called sacred. BR, 21 Bodi, Sambodhi Sk. Receptive intelligence in contradistinction to Buddhi, which is the potentiality of Intelligence. TG Bodhisattva Sk. Comprises two concepts: Bodhienlightenment or awakening, and Sattvathe essence.

Bodhisattvas were the disciples of Buddhas, who voluntarily renounced their personal liberation and, following the example of their Teacher, entered upon a long, weary, thorny path of help to humanity. Such Boddhisattvas appear on earth in the midst of the most varying conditions of life. They possess the qualities of the maximum development of energy, courage, patience, constancy of striving and fearlessness.

There are three joys of Bodhisattvas: the joy of giving, the joy of helping and the joy of eternal perception. Patience, always, in all, and everywhere. The Sons of Budda, the Sons of Conquerors, Bodhisattvas in their active compassion are the Mothers to the all-existing. From among their number came the founders of the great kingdoms, great religions and philosophies, many alchemists and several saints.

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LHR I, pp A self-sacrificing, compassionate helper of humanity. Physically indistinguishable in any way from the rest of humanity, they nevertheless differ completely in their psychology, constantly being the heralds of the principle of the common welfare What qualities must a Bodhisattva possess? In the Teaching of Gotama Buddha and in the Teaching of Bodhisattva Maitreya, given by Him to Asanga, according to tradition in the fourth century, the maximum development of energy, courage, patience, constancy of striving and fearlessness were first of all underlined.

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Energy is the basis of everything, as it alone contains all possibilities. Buddhas are eternally in action; immobility is unknown to Them. Like the eternal motion in space, the actions of the Sons of Conquerors manifest in the worlds. He was born about at Old Seidenburg, some two miles from Gorliz Silesia , and died in , at nearly fifty years of age. In his boyhood he was a common shepherd, and, after learning to read and write in a village school, became an apprentice to a poor shoemaker at Gorlitz.

He was a natural clairvoyant of most wonderful powers. With no education or acquaintance with science, he wrote works which are now proved to be full of scientific truths; but then, as he says himself, what he wrote upon, he saw it as in a great Deep in the eternal. He had a thorough view of the universe, as in a chaos, which yet opened itself in him, from time to time, as in a young plant. He was a thorough-born Mystic, and evidently of a constitution which is most rare; one of those fine natures whose material envelope.

TG Pythagoras and Plato and Boehme and Paracelsus and Thomas Vaughan were men who bore their lamps amidst their fellowmen in life under a hail of nonunderstanding and abuse. Anyone could approach them, but only a few were able to discern the superearthly radiance behind the earthly face.

Only upon the higher law can the page of Sublime Be-ness be affirmed. Valiantly must the spirit strive to the realization of all the subtle principles in order to attain higher knowledge. The Book of Life contains every aspiring action. The Book of Life contains the manifestation of all vital fires.


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The heart carries in itself all imprints of the Book of Life. BR, 89 Brahma Sk. The student must distinguish between Brahma the neuter, and Brahma, the male creator of the Indian Pantheon. The former, Brahma or Brahman, is the impersonal, supreme and uncognizable Principle in the Universe from the essence of which all emanates, and into which all returns, which is incorporeal, immaterial, unborn, eternal, beginningless and endless. It is all-pervading, animating the highest god as well as the smallest mineral atom. Brahma, on the other hand, the male and the alleged Creator, exists periodically in his manifestation only, and then again goes into pralaya, i.

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A very important center located physically by a position in the crown of the head. It is connected with the heart by a spinal nerve known by the Sanskrit name of Sushumna which is another name also for the solar ray. This center has an important function as the link between our psychic energy and the fires of space and is sort of the funnel through which the Fires of Space gain access to the Fires of all the Centers.

Striving toward the heights is the best task for the Center of Brahma-Randhra.

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  5. Everything heard and seen throughout the BrahmaRandhra deserves especially sensitive attention. A high form of knowledge and discrimination enabling one to discern the real nature of things and to penetrate into the mysteries of the Cosmos. The knowledge, the esoteric science, about the two Brahmas and their true nature. A word does not contain it.

    Script cannot express it. Because its flame is within that thought which is not expressed in the physical shell. Only the mirror of the eye emits the. Such eyes discern the sparks of the cosmic rays which crude sight will term simply the light of the sun. In order to split the cosmic ray into the sparks of Fohat with the naked eye, the fire of Brahmavidya is needed. The human word is futile in expressing the nature of Brahmavidya. One may partially penetrate it with the spiritual sight by peering into the shattering rays with closed eyes.

    But the growth of the fire of Brahmavidya will permit the perception openly of those component parts of the rays which are imperceptible to the mechanical apparatus. This possibility is already akin to the domain of communion with far-off worlds.