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While these different interpretations might be interesting and creative, they can also distract from what is already an almost perfect comedy. Of course, it is easy to avoid fancy theatrical devices when you have such an amazing cast to fall back on.

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The Atlanta Shakespeare Company has a great stable of talent and it's fully utilized in this perfectly cast play. Vinnie Mascola undoubtedly steals the show as Bottom. With his physicality and impeccable timing, he is a force whenever he is on the stage. Mary Ruth Ralston is also frightfully delightful as the mischievous Puck.

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This production employs the common practice of casting the same actor to play both Theseus and Oberon and the same actor to play Hippolyta and Titania. While having the same actors play these important roles risks confusing the audience, Kenneth Wigley and Dani Herd do such excellent jobs modifying their appearance, tones of voice, and mannerisms when switching from character to character that there is no confusion here. While Shakespeare was technologically constrained from using changes in lighting and other special effects, director J.

Tony Brown utilizes them judiciously in this production to distinguish between the two interacting worlds in this play.

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Pumping fog onto the stage and using red-filtered lighting to highlight the fairies as they interact with the humans creates an intense and eerie feeling, which highlights the tension and horror of what is otherwise a silly comedy. Undoubtedly, some directors might feel compelled to rush this final scene and treat it more as an afterthought since the intrigues of the main plot have already been resolved.

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But doing so is a grave mistake which robs this play of its funniest parts. Rather than rush this scene, Brown drags this scene out and milks it for every last drop of humor. Since almost the entirety of this play takes place in a forest, many productions spare no expense in creating elaborate and frequently beautiful set designs full of vibrant colors and lush, verdant flora. While there's nothing necessarily wrong with these approaches to the set design, they can distract from the action of the play.

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The Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern, with its minimalist set and inconspicuous costumes, does not have that problem. This production proves that when you have talented actors it is often better just to let Shakespeare be Shakespeare. A-three-level main performing area plus a balcony upstage allow the performers to act across different levels of realities and dreams.

Two floor-to-ceiling bookcases, four arch openings which repeat from center stage to upstage, tree branches, and flowers hung from a crochet mat, evoke a mysterious, mischievous, dark, and dangerous ambience that suggests both Athens and the woods. At the beginning of the show, in the heartless and dangerous human world, the old patriarch Egeus Aled Davies demands the execution of his daughter Hermia Michelle Pauker who will not obey his order to marry Demetrius Jon Loya because she is already in love with Lysander Corey Mach.

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  • Taylor in the woods is caused by self-indulgence and impulsiveness in the human world. The performers compliment this approach that Hanreddy has taken. Mach and Loya, as immature, irresponsible Lysander and Demetrius, want to score their trophies. By: L Henry Dowell. Be the first to write a review. Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Books with a similar title.

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    In Stock. Midsummer Night's Dream Wordsworth Classics. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

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    Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Audience interaction was a large part of the show. It was a bit startling when characters suddenly walked up and down the aisles, and even across the tarps of people on their way to the stage. Puck spoke directly to the audience several times throughout the show, as if talking to a friend.

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    For a small outdoor theatre, this truly enhanced the intimacy and sense of community, especially in the chilly fall evening. Overall, the musical performances of the cast and the modern dream world setting made for a magical night. Tags: campus theatre , critic , drama , Review , Shakespeare. Work with us!

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